This summer, “The Contemporary Circus and Street Art Festival Re Rīga!” invites you to the recently renovated arena of Rīgas cirks, where we will celebrate the theme of arrival Nr. 11 – returning to renovated homes, arrival in a new or already familiar land and arrival in an unusual and perhaps even impossible world.

When: 15th to 19th of August

Where: Rīgas cirks (Merķeļa Street 4) and its surroundings in Rigas urban environment

For: Shows for families, teenagers and adults

Tickets: The program includes paid and free shows, as well as passes for family and adult shows

This year we will observe how subjects and objects rotate around their axis, we will study how objects move and we will meet clowns with both very light and quite dark humor.

Most of the performances of the festival will take place in the premises of the Riga circus, but we will also be found in the streets and parks of Riga. As usual, there will be both free performances and ticketed performances available to everyone. Shows for prepared audiences and shows for families. For those who want to see everything, subscriptions are also available – full subscription and family subscription.

P.S. Why No.11? The “Re Rīga!” festival, which started in 2013, celebrates 10 years and the 11th event this summer.