Classes and workshops

The Riga Circus School offers regular sessions for children and adults. It is a great way how to spend your free time developing your body, thinking and communication skills.

After-school sessions focus on comprehensive development where along with mastering different circus disciplines children and adults also explore their creative potential, learn teamwork skills and develop their communication skills, as well as build their self-confidence.



Children are offered regular after-school activities where participants, under the guidance of experienced instructors, train for general physical preparedness and practise skills in specific circus disciplines. Children develop their juggling skills, the ability to maintain balance and focus, acting skills, deftness and good cooperation skills – the skills that will be useful not only in the circus but also in their everyday life. These sessions are organised during the school year from September till May and are suitable for children aged between 7 and 16.



Encouraging adults to spend their free time meaningfully and learn new skills, the Riga Circus School also offers workshops for adults. They are not held regularly, but the updated information about the opportunity to take part in the workshop is posted on the Riga Circus School’s Facebook page.


Workshops for families allow parents to move around with their children and learn various circus disciplines. This is learning through play, creating an atmosphere encouraging trust and cooperation, and it is time well spent.

Parents together with their children from the age of 3 are invited to the workshops for families where they could learn various circus disciplines, e.g. human pyramids, partner acrobatics, juggling and acrobalance.


You can read more about the activities at the events offered by the Circus School HERE.