Classes and workshops

For children

Children are offered regular leisure classes where participants, accompanied by experienced instructors, acquire general physical skills as well as individual circus disciplines. Children will improve their skills in juggling, their ability to balance and focus, acting skills, agility, and cooperation skills – useful not only in circus, but also in life. These sessions are organised during the academic year from September to May and are suitable for children aged 7 to 17.

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The following training programmes are available from September 2020:


Class description: 
By getting familiar with various circus disciplines, children are enabled to develop their physical fitness as well as their mental abilities in a comprehensive way. Children of different ages take part in the classes, which makes it easier to learn individual disciplines (such as partner acrobatics and balance techniques), reducing the sense of competition among peers.

Each session includes time for communication with the educator, warm-up, and general fitness exercises, evolving games, learning the basics of each discipline, cool-down and stretching exercises.

Location and timetable:
Saturdays, 11.00–12.30 at Zeļļu street 25 with Dmitrijs Pudovs, teacher of the Riga Circus School

Fee: 42 EUR per calendar month (regardless of attendance)
The maximum number of participants in the group: 15


Class description:
In 2020/2021 we are launching a 3 – level stage group training programme. New students will be enrolled in Level 1 group. Classes will take place 2 times a week. In each session, time will be split between improving physical fitness and learning circus disciplines. The training process is organised on a quarterly basis. In the training process, children will learn acrobatics, juggling, balance disciplines, dance, stage art and contortion. In parallel to the mandatory disciplines, students have the opportunity to attend optional classes of other disciplines.

Location and timetable:
For beginners: Level 1 group.
On Mondays and Wednesdays 17.15-18.15 (age 7-10) and 16.00-17.00 (11+) at Zeļļu street, 25 with a team of teachers from the Riga Circus School.

Fee for a basic activity course: 56 EUR per calendar month (regardless of attendance).

Fee for the basic activity course and 1 optional specialised session: 55 EUR per calendar month (regardless of attendance). Fee for the basic activity course and 2 optional specialised sessions: 60 EUR per calendar month (regardless of attendance). The maximum number of participants in the group: 15

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