About Circus School

The Riga Circus School was founded in 2017 and its primary task is promotion of circus education and its accessibility both in Latvia and the Baltic States. The school offers regular classes and sessions for children and families on its premises and at outing sessions, and organises training for circus professionals.

The values of the Riga Circus School ​​are:

  • Affiliation and cooperation – being united in diversity; The Riga Circus School is open to everyone. Circus is an art without language or age barriers. Everyone can find their favourite discipline and build their confidence here as a valuable member of society.
  • Creativity – a participant as a creator rather than a performer; Circus is not just a sport. It is a form of art, and a way of self-expression in after-school education.
  • Healthy lifestyle. Circus is also a special form of art due to its physicality. Circus contributes to an image of a healthy, athletic and happy young person, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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