A performance-installation “carry on” at Rīgas cirks


carry on Rigas Cirks, transcending its past, present and future An intriguing performance-installation that each time is presented in a very different way depending on the place, be it the contemporary arts museum in Leuven, a huge culture complex in Tokyo, or a historical circus building in Riga. When and where: October 21 and 22: at…

Photos: Re Riga! festival 2023


The international contemporary circus and street art festival RE RIGA! Nr. 11 has passed by a way too quickly – local and international shows, workshops for young and experienced artists and journalists, overwhelming indoor shows and surprising outdoor happenings mixed with sunny and stormy days in the literal meaning. It was a pleasure to meet…

“RE RIGA!” festival subscription


What makes a festival? A marathon of circus shows will definitely help us to get to an answer. A full FESTIVAL SUBSCRIPTION will give you an opportunity to see every show that the “RE RIGA!” festival has to offer, including the opening day events. FAMILY FESTIVAL SUBSCRIPTION guarantees an entrance to 3 of the 4…

Free tickets to the “RE RIGA!” festival opening day


This summer the Contemporary Circus and Street Art Festival RE RIGA! is inviting you to the renovated arena of Rīgas cirks, where we will celebrate the theme of arrival – arriving back home, arriving at a new, unusual or even impossible space or returning to a place that feels familiar. The opening event of the…

“Circus for Climate” project has come to an end


The “Circus for Climate” project, born out of a collaboration between Riga Circus and the Norwegian circus artists’ network “Acting for Climate” has now come to an end. The project kicked off in spring 2022. The main goal of the project was to explore the collective empowerment that a multidisciplinary approach to education, art, and…