Circus is in the network!


Riga Circus has joined Baltic Nordic Circus Network. There are 16 circus organizations from the Baltic and Nordic countries in the net that work together in order to make circus field in the region stronger. Making policy, seminars and exchange of experience are among net’s activities.

“Only Bones” by Thomas Monckton


Season’s opening of Rīgas cirks – “Only Bones” by Thomas Monckton Monckton’s stage is one metre square. There’s a chair, a lamp and a circle painted on the floor. With its quirky, low-tech aesthetic and using just his bendy, bickering, wiggling hands and seemingly uncontrollable face, Monckton creates an exquisite piece of micro-physical theatre unlike…

The Circus Building


The building of the Riga Circus is one of the oldest purpose-built circus buildings in Europe. And, indeed, walking along the bustling Merķeļa Street past it, the building seems to have always stood there and it has long become part of Riga. The first season began in the circus building in 1888 when, commissioned by…

Talks about circus — circus expert Yohann Flock


On Wednesday, May 23 at 6 PM in Kaņepes Kultūras centrs  – first talks about circus. Riga Circus is changing and this is the right time for circus expert Yohann Flock  to let us be aware of diversity of contemporary circus art and understand what is characteristic working with circus management. The Riga Circus is…

Circus in Latvia


The first circus tours reached the territory of Latvia in the early 19th century. Around 1864, a temporary wooden circus building was erected opposite Vērmane’s Garden where performances of touring circuses were staged during the summer season. Among the performers were the juggler Karl Rappo from Austria-Hungary, the acrobat and equestrian Christoph de Bach, who…