“Only Bones” by Thomas Monckton


Season’s opening of Rīgas cirks – “Only Bones” by Thomas Monckton

Monckton’s stage is one metre square. There’s a chair, a lamp and a circle painted on the floor. With its quirky, low-tech aesthetic and using just his bendy, bickering, wiggling hands and seemingly uncontrollable face, Monckton creates an exquisite piece of micro-physical theatre unlike anything you’ve seen. An hypnotic show about a lot, using very little.

Born in New Zealand, Thomas Monckton trained in circus arts in Christchurch, and then at the Lecoq school in Paris. His solo show for Circo Aereo, The Pianist, was a hit at LIMF 2015 and continues to tour worldwide. Now based in Finland where he is a member of the Kallo Collective, fellow Lecoq-graduates, he premiered Only Bones in New Zealand in 2015 before taking it to the Avignon and Edinburgh fringe festivals in 2016 where it played to sold-out houses.

“Monckton’s ability to manipulate the smallest parts of the body, not just to do this expertly well but while establishing a playful relationship with the audience, is mind-blowing” (Across The Arts)


16/12/2017 19.00 http://ej.uz/TikaiKaulini16-dec-19tos

17/12 15.00 http://ej.uz/TikaiKaulini17-dec-15tos

17/12 17.00 http://ej.uz/TikaiKaulini17-dec-17tos

22/12 19.00 http://ej.uz/TikaiKaulini22-dec-19tos

22/12 21.00 http://ej.uz/TikaiKaulini22-dec-21tos