Rīgas Cirks Residency Program for Baltic Circus Artists: Lelde Feldmane


This year, from July 9th to 19th, artist Lelde Feldmane will be working on her upcoming solo performance “Fragile Strength” as part of the Rīgas Cirks Residency Program for Baltic artists.

Combining three contemporary performing arts disciplines – circus, dance, and music – the artist is creating a story about the strength that emerges within a person when faced with significant challenges of fate. The focus is on the relationship between two women in a family, where the physical body’s resources and abilities are merely a fragile shell that balances against the emotional storms of inner experiences.

Lelde Feldmane holds a Bachelor’s Degree in contemporary dance and choreography from the Latvian Academy of Culture. She has worked with Circus Scott (Sweden), Circus Krone (Germany), Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione (France), and other circuses in Europe and the USA, performing pole dance and aerial hoop acts. Since 2022, she has been creating her own circus show, Winter Circus Biel, together with her husband, collaborating with artists from various countries and circus disciplines.


Supported by: The State Culture Capital Foundation