“Surface” by Familiar Faces

Water seeps across the stage. On its flowing surface four artists explore the balance between control and recklessness. A stunning performance filled with liquid acrobatics and stylish imaging. It is the water itself that sets them in motion, where to find balance? Familiar Faces search for the limits of the possible.

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30. March 7PM

31. March 7PM

1. April 7PM

Rīgas cirks

Merķeļa street 4, Riga

“A-Tripik” by CirkVOST

“A-Tripik” by CirkVOST is a show of clowns, acrobats and vocal polyphony for an adult audience. A show that through these techniques reasons together with the public on the power of money, friendship, seduction, in an intimate and powerful journey at the same time. “A-Triptik” is a show for a “warned” public. A show that makes you laugh, cry, feel fear and feel joy, sometimes all this at the same time.

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20. April 7PM

21. April 7PM

22. April 7PM

Rīgas cirks

Merķeļa street 4, Riga

“Rollercoaster” by Wes Peden

“Rollercoaster” is a one-hour solo show by Wes Peden that uses ultra-modern, pop-punk juggling to talk about finding the balance between freedom and security
Surrounded by huge inflatable blue structures and accompanied by electro beats composed of distorted rollercoaster sounds, Peden performs original tricks inspired by rollercoasters and their high-tech seatbelts. A spinning plate ceremony becomes a celebration of the great rides of the past; an epic 3 ball disco juggling evokes the evolution of rollercoasters; a 4-meter transparent tube turns into a path around Wes’ body to make balls flow through loops, helixes, and corkscrews. Rollercoaster twists the stage rules to create a safe space to perform some of the most difficult and unique juggling ever done on stage!

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9. March 7PM

10. March 7PM

Rīgas cirks

Merķeļa street 4, Riga


Aerial acrobatics / juggling classes at a circus school – for adults

Subscription for yourself or as a gift! Riga Circus School invites you to fulfill your dream of a circus and learn aerial acrobatics or juggling together with the trainers of the Riga Circus School .

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Riga Circu School

Zeļļu iela 25


Tickets for Riga circus performances can be purchased at a discount.
The desired discount can be selected at the time of purchase.


Children and youth up to age 25, seniors and people with disabilities – 15%*.
* Places for wheelchairs are available (including a free seat for the accompanying person). When purchasing tickets, please select the option "Wheelchair and companion".


Circus school students – 20%.


Group discounts are available for groups of 5 to 10 persons (15% discount) and groups 10 to 20 (20% discount). For larger groups please contact