Baltic Circus on the Road: Circus Sabok


Circus Sabok – at Rīgas cirks Residency programme At the end of the summer, from July 22 to August 4, 2021 the Estonian-Finish circus artists “Circus Sabok” were in the residency at Riga Circus in the frameworks of “Baltic Circus on the Road” project. Artists pitch at the open call competition of the project was…

Baltic Circus on the Road: BIG WOLF COMPANY


Residency of BIG WOLF COMPANY in the frameworks of Baltic Circus on the Road  The members of the Big Wolf Company (Estonia) have spent their time period at “Baltic Circus on the Road” residency. The residency was held in “Sakala3” space in Tallinn during April 2021 and the dramaturgical consultant and mentor was the director…

Myrto Petrochilou – artist-in-residency


Myrto Petrochilou – at Rīgas cirks residency programme We are happy to welcome at Rīgas cirks residency programme Myrto Petrochilou – a dance and circus artist from Greece. Myrto will work together with Daphne Tsiouni (music composition and live performance) and Florentia Chatzis (graphic design and visuals). The “project [9]” focuses on how space, objects and…

REHEARSALS photo series


“Rehearsals” photo series by Nygårds Karin Bengtsson Exactly one year ago – January 2020 – Nygårds Karin Bengtsson was taking part ar Rīgas cirks residency program and together with a few Riga circus school students worked on her photo series “Rehearsals” that have already been exposed at Thomas Wallner gallery in Sweden. Nygårds Karin Bengtsson works with staged photography….

Online conference


Online conference “Well-being Residencies: methodology and experience” 17 th –21 th of August, 2020 Through a number of conferences, study visits, think tanks and residency try-outs, this international project culminates in a methodology that helps the participants navigate the well-being residency process, captured in a handbook publication. The publication will be introduced as a part…