Re Riga!: “Only Bones v.1.6”


Let’s go further with introducing to the RE RIGA festival 2022 artists and their shows! August 17 –21 it is – the extended weekend of  the Re Riga! festival!  The full program of the festival you can find HERE. And now meet and greet “Double You” by Be Flat! About the show “Only Bones v.1.6”…



Circus company “Machine de Cirque” (Canada) back in Riga: June 5th and 6th at the Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre they will perform a teeterboard show “Ghost Light” that is centred around the way the world is built – the fall and the flight, the triumph of the light over the dark. When: June 5th…

“Materia” by Andrea Salustri


“Materia” by Andrea Salustri (Italy) – a curious show for all ages. MATERIA explores the possibilities of one material, polystyrene, to the point it becomes alive and protagonist of the events on stage. The role of the performer shifts towards the one of the facilitator, and the focus is constantly negotiated between object, manipulator and manipulation….

Magie nouvelle: “À VUE” by 32 Novembre


À VUE. Magie performative” by 32 Novembre In plain sight. Performative magic. March 2, 3, 8PM Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre (16, Kaļķu street, Riga, Latvia) Age range: 10+ Duration: 60 minutes BUY TICKETS About the show From the moment the show starts, everything the performers will need is already on stage: objects, bodies, sound, and…

Circus in the City


Circus in the City is an exciting free interactive performance in the urban environment of Riga. Following the checkpoints on the map of the center of Riga, you get the chance to not only learn about the history of Riga Circus, but learn special tricks provided by circus performers. This is an opportunity to discover…