Circus in the City


Circus in the City is an exciting free interactive performance in the urban environment of Riga.

Following the checkpoints on the map of the center of Riga, you get the chance to not only learn about the history of Riga Circus, but learn special tricks provided by circus performers. This is an opportunity to discover the diversity of Riga Circus by getting to know classic circus traditions, as well as celebrate contemporary circus forms.

The show’s first checkpoint is at the Riga Circus building on Merķeļa street 4. There the spectators will be greeted with an informative poster, where if you scan the first QR code, you will get the opportunity to learn about the course of the game and the next checkpoints, of which a few will be visible right away, and the others will be revealed over the course of the game.

In total, there are 10 plates with QR codes in the urban environment – 5 plates reveal the performances of circus artists and 5 additional plates, the location of which is revealed one by one on the map, will show you one of the tricks that you can learn yourself.

The checkpoints weren’t chosen randomly – all the locations are somehow connected to the history of Riga Circus – in each checkpoint you will have the opportunity to learn about the events that connect the circus with the specific location. Therefore, the game is not only entertaining but also educational about history.

On the map, these checkpoints appear as follows – red pins are performances and blue pins that reveal over time are tricks. Going to each subsequent performance point, the viewer will see a new trick or blue checkpoint location on the map.

The spectators will need their smartphones with an internet connection, working sound/headphones, good company, and weather appropriate clothing!

The show was directed by Jason Dupree, circus director, and artist from the UK, who says that this project goes hand in hand with topics that he’s been interested in for a long time: “Expanding the idea of what Circus can be is something that I have been experimenting with for some years. Where can Circus inhabit? What kind of stage does it need? This project really gave myself and the Rigas cirks team a chance to reach outside of the Circus ring and into the community. It was my first project I have made with Rigas cirks and loved collaborating with the artists from the City, I guess as I have moved here, that I too am now an artist from the City! Rigas cirks have been extremely welcoming to me since being in the City. It’s been a challenging time to move countries but the team and all the circus artists have offered me a community which I am extremely grateful for. I am excited to see what we do next!”

Circus in the City is free and available to all who are interested, and you can enjoy it any time of day. The walk takes approximately 2 hours, but everyone can walk the route at their own speed – it’s also possible to divide the route and conquer it in multiple walks.

The order in which you visit the checkpoints is entirely your choice, but the logical route will form in the direction towards Alfrēda Kalniņa street and farther – counterclockwise. When all checkpoints will be found, the player will have acquired multiple letters, which arranged will form a word (in Latvian). By entering this word in the password field, the spectator will gain access to the final performance.


  • Search for red plates with special QR codes in the urban environment of Riga (in total there are 10 plates)
  • Scan the code with the camera app on your smartphone (a separate app isn’t needed)
  • Watch the video and find out the locations of the other performances (5 red pins on the map) and tricks (5 blue pins on the map)
  • After watching each trick, you’ll find a letter on the page (5 in total), which together will form a keyword/password (in Latvian) that you’ll have to guess at the end of the game
  • Enter the password on this site to watch the surprise video

Check the coordinates of the game on the map and have an adventurous search for all the checkpoints! Good luck!

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Director: Jason Dupree
Circus Artists: Gabriels Gots, Valērijs Komisarenko, Dmitrijs Pudovs, Aleksejs Smolovs, Maija Sukute
Video Artist: Uvis Leskavnieks
Music: “Mare” by Kaktiņš Stūrītis
Voice: Āris Matesovičs
Historian: Elvīra Avota
Project Manager: Ieva Ozoliņa

Project supported by:
Rīgas dome, Valsts Kultūrkapitāla fonds

Gratitude to:
SIA “Rīgas nami” cinema Splendid Palace, SIA “Rīgas Centrāltirgus”, SIA “Spīķeru nami”, SIA “Rīgas meži”, bar “Tims Mints”, bar “Doma Dārzs”.