Family show: “Colorsphere” by Hands Some Feet


“Colorsphere” by Hands some Feet (Finland) is a captivating contemporary circus performance that’s perfect for both children and their adults. This show blends juggling, acrobatics, physical theatre and an unexpected use of technology to create an unforgettable experience. When: May 17, Friday, 6PM May 18, 11AM and 4PM Where: Rīgas cirks (Merķeļa street 4) Suggested age:…

Re Riga! festival: “Top Down” by La Triochka (free)


A show that questions roles, the places we take and the places we leave behind When: August 17, 18, 19, 7PM Where:  Vērmanes Garden Suggested age: 3+ Duration of the show: 35 min Free entrance, no tickets needed About the show Each morning, three characters meet at the same location. Each of them in their…

Photos and videos: “Surface by Familiar Faces


“Surface” by Familiar Faces (Belgium) at Rīgas cirks – a physical piece guided by the laws of water. The circus show on a wet floor visited Riga March 30–April 1 . More about the show and the company: HERE .   Photos: Kristīne Madjare Video: Uvis Leskavnieks

“Surface” by Familiar Faces


“Surface” by Familiar Faces (Belgium) at Rīgas cirks – a physical piece guided by the laws of water. A circus show on a wet floor. Photos and video from the show at Rīgas cirks: HERE. When: March 30 and 31, April 1, 7PM Where: Rīgas cirks (Merķeļa street 4, Riga) Age suggestion: 10+ Duration: 55…

Re Riga!: “Follow Me” by Be Flat


August 17 –21 it is – the extended weekend of  the Re Riga! festival!  The full program of the festival you can find HERE. One of the festival highlights will be the performance “Follow Me” by “Be Flat” – August 20 and 21! Photo: Ana Desetnica, Jimmy Kets, Luka Dakskobler About the “Follow Me” performance…