Re Riga! festival: “Top Down” by La Triochka (free)


A show that questions roles, the places we take and the places we leave behind

When: August 17, 18, 19, 7PM

Where:  Vērmanes Garden

Suggested age: 3+

Duration of the show: 35 min

Free entrance, no tickets needed

About the show

Each morning, three characters meet at the same location. Each of them in their own space, on their own. Their movements and positions appear to follow a specific hierarchy … until a path to freedom opens up in a breach. Extending a leg, holding out a hand and offering up a smile are all ways of inviting people to take a risk. Little by little, in this shared space, they explore new relationships, playing Icarian games as they build columns three-high.

“Top Down” is a captivating performance by the circus trio La Triochka. The show explores themes of hierarchy, relationships, and the spaces we occupy in society. In “Top Down,” the performers use acrobatics and aerial arts to convey a story of three characters who meet in a common space. Each character has a specific place and role, representing a structured hierarchy. However, as the show progresses, a breach opens up new possibilities for freedom and exploration. The performers challenge conventional roles and expectations through subtle gestures and invitations, forging new relationships and defying societal norms. The interplay between personal space and communal dynamics is a central theme of the show, as it questions notions of dominance and submission.

Top Down is the first piece performed by La Triochka, a trio of women whose bodies and movements both define the characters they play and narrate the story of their meeting. With simplicity and a certain intimacy, this piece speaks to us about the space we take for ourselves and the space we leave for others.

Photo gallery from the Re Rīga! festival – HERE

Publicitātes foto: Coralie Pasquier

About the company

La Triochka is a partner acrobatic trio (France) composed by Clémence Gilbert (base), Alice Noël (flyer and base) and Marianna Boldini (flyer). All three met in 2016 within the project Les Voyages from Compagnie XY, two of them also participated in the adventure of Projet.pdf.

By and with Marianna Boldini, Alice Noël, Clémence Gilbert.

Outside view: Anne Seiller.

Music creation, technical management: Aude Pétiard.

Lighting design: Maiwenn Cozic.

Costumes: Nadia Leon.

Administration, distribution: Cartons Production.


When you attend this event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to such recording media and its release, publication, exhibition or reproduction.