Rīgas Cirks Residency Program 2024: The participants


The following artists have been selected for the Rīgas Cirks Residency Program:

Rīgas Cirks Residency Program for Baltic Circus artists:

July 9–19: Lelde Feldmane (Latvia),
August 3–8: Taigi cirkas “InTense” (Lithuania),
August 10–16: Taigi cirkas “Saucisson” (Lithuania).

Rīgas Cirks Residency Program for international Circus artists:

July 22–August 2: Thom Monckton (New Zealand).


Rīgas cirks is located in Riga, Latvia. It is one of the oldest purpose-built circus buildings in Europe. Built in 1888, it reopened its doors on November 30, 2022, after the reconstruction of the historical dome and arena.
The Rīgas cirks Residency Program is created as a laboratory for new forms of artistic research and art practices within the circus field. Our main mission is to promote contemporary artistic practices, mainly focusing on circus development in Latvia and the Baltic region. During the residency, artists are expected to work on ideas for new performances. More about Rīgas Cirks Residancy Program – HERE.