Rīgas Cirks Residency Program for Baltic Circus Artists: Taigi cirkas


The Taigi Cirkas (Lithuania) company will be working on two performances as part of the Rīgas cirks Residency Program this year from August 3 to 16.

“inTENSE” is a contemporary circus creation based on the ‘forces made visible’ principle. The artists draw inspiration from various fields such as architecture, anatomy, and human society. All those fields and the structures within them have various macro and micro examples of tensile and compressive forces being either in balance – counteracting each other in a dynamic way; or out of balance – creating movement.
In this work, Taigi Cirkas explores being in and out of balance, reaching the point of failure, and returning to the original state. They draw inspiration from the metamodern way of thinking; as stated in the Metamodernism Manifesto by Luke Turner: ‘…the mercurial condition between and beyond irony and sincerity, naivety and knowingness, relativism and truth, optimism and doubt, in pursuit of a plurality of disparate and elusive horizons. We must go forth and oscillate!’.

The other project is the performance “Saucisson” – in May, Taigi Cirkas artists Izabele Kuzelytė and Elena Kosovec became circusnext 2024 laureates with this piece.
In “Saucisson”, the artists challenge the sacredness of the circus artist’s relationship with their chosen circus object/discipline, creating a surreal atmosphere where circus techniques are misplaced, and beauty exchanges places with ugliness.

The contemporary circus company Taigi Cirkas was formed in 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The main purpose of the group is to tell honest stories emerging from their individual and collective experiences using circus disciplines as a medium to share and connect. The main creative team consists of Konstantin Kosovec, Elena Kosovec, and Izabele Kuzelytė.

   Work-in-progress”inTENSE” publicity photos  (“Epicirq”)


 Work-in-progress “Saucisson” publicity photos 


Rīgas cirks is located in Riga, Latvia. It is one of the oldest purpose-built circus buildings in Europe. Built in 1888, it reopened its doors on November 30, 2022, after the reconstruction of the historical dome and arena.
The Rīgas cirks Residency Program is created as a laboratory for new forms of artistic research and art practices within the circus field. Our main mission is to promote contemporary artistic practices, mainly focusing on circus development in Latvia and the Baltic region. During the residency, artists are expected to work on ideas for new performances. More about Rīgas Cirks Residancy Program – HERE.

Supported by: The State Culture Capital Foundation, circusnext, EU co-funded.