An intriguing performance-installation “carry on” at Rīgas cirks –  made in collaboration among fieldworks, IevaKrish&Tuvumi and Rīgas cirks. Here are a bunch of photos! More about the show: HERE. Photos: Vladimirs Svetlovs    

A performance-installation “carry on” at Rīgas cirks


carry on Rigas cirks, transcending its past, present and future An intriguing performance-installation that each time is presented in a very different way depending on the place, be it the contemporary arts museum in Leuven, a huge culture complex in Tokyo, or a historical circus building in Riga. See the photos from the performance: HERE….

DANDELION to be showed in schools in Latvia


The “Circus for Climate” project is gradually coming to the end. We have worked together in workshops, created a show and a comic book and learned a lot of new things together! It’s time to wrap up, but there is still more to come. What happens next? Already this fall, DANDELION will be part of…

“Circus for Climate” performance “Dandelion”


“Circus for Climate” performance by Rigas cirks and circus artist company “Acting for Climate” When: May 19 and 20 Where: at Rigas cirks (Merķeļa street 4, Riga) Tickets: free tickets (not available yet) After a year-long work alongside youngsters from different regions of Latvia a performance is created, based on the ideas on climate change…

Open call: Masterclass on site-specific performances


Open Call for Baltic contemporary circus and other contemporary art discipline artists! From 17th until 21st of August, contemporary circus and street art festival “RE Rīga!” invites 6–10 Baltic artists to join masterclass in Riga, Āgenskalna tirgus (Āgenskalns Market) to learn more about creation of site-specific contemporary circus shows.   Photo: Dainius Putinas (from a…