“Somos” circus show – in September 2021


Compagnie Bêstîa “Somos” We live in a divided world where each of us tries to affirm or even claim an identity, to justify our existence. A world where the word «freedom» does not mean the same thing, depending on whether we are born in Paris, Kabul or Bogota. The show “Somos” is looking for a common…



BEGINNER HANDSTAND CLASSES In these classes you will learn the basics of hand-balancing, understanding the fundamentals of the strengths and technique needed to progress. This is a full body workout suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to hand-balance. The classes will be a mix between conditioning and technique and adaptable every fitness level….

NuoraNORD Incubator project has started in May


NuoraNORD Incubator has survived the shock of corona and the co-development process is getting started together with the participants in May The participants had just been selected and the key arrangements for incubator residency in Tallinn for April had been made, when the corona situation struck us by surprise. Cancelling the trip to Tallinn caused…

Marina Cherry – artist-in-residence


Marina Cherry – mākslas rezidencē Lanky loidlings. Squishy Schloompings. Spiky Spa-doo-dlings we are happy to welcome at Riga circus art-residency Marina Cherry – a contortionist and circus artist, who zooms and tiptoes through a micro-space. Fragmenting pieces of a spunky personal universe puddle over the stage for her solo performance, “Only Bones v1.6.”, written and…

The Piti Peta Hofen Show


A rascally performance for the whole family   3 countries, 3 jugglers, 3 objects. 45 minutes filled with humour, craziness and secret techniques never seen before by a human audience.   Length of show: approx. 45 min (no intermission) Age restriction: for all ages PRICES: 6–15 EUR   March 5 at 6 and 8 PM…