Re Riga! festival: “Arrival” by Adrian Schvarzstein and Jūratė Sirvytė-Rukstelė (free)


Past echoes, present wonders: A journey like no other

When: August 18, 8PM, August 19, 4PM and 8PM

Where: Vērmanes Garden

Duration: 40 min

No age restriction

Free entrance, no tickets needed

About the show “Arrival”

“Arrival” is a street performance with blissful time travelers. They came from the not-so-distant past and therefore see the present-day through somewhat different eyes. They appear to be blissfully naïve and willing to help everyone and in every place. They surprise passers-by with their funny behavior, provoke them and make them laugh by creating absurd and surreal situations. Music that is heard from their suitcases is the only clue as to where these two strangers came from.

The show “Arrival” begins and ends in the same place. This show takes you on an exhilarating adventure through the festival’s realm, making delightful pit stops in vibrant public spaces such as parks, squares, and cozy cafes. At long last, it guides you back to where it all began, igniting a sense of fulfilled exploration.

At the core of this enthralling production lies the true story of an enigmatic figure who resided in mid-20th century Italy. This peculiar individual possessed an unwavering desire to bring joy and happiness to fellow citizens, and his compelling tale serves as the foundation for the show’s concept. While rooted in a somewhat documentary narrative, “Arrival” transcends reality, evolving into a mesmerizing theatrical experience where the performers find themselves immersed in an unfamiliar world—a vibrant tapestry of a not-so-distant past that now intersects with the present. As they behold the current day through fresh, perceptive eyes, their blissful naivety intertwines with an unwavering willingness to aid anyone and everyone they encounter.

Prepare to be astonished as these captivating artists leave pedestrians dumbfounded with their whimsical antics, provoking laughter and delight through the creation of absurd and surreal situations

Photo gallery from the Re Rīga! festival – HERE

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About the artists

The street performance “Arrived” was produced by Spanish street theater artist Adrian Schvarzstein and Lithuanian dancer and actor Jūratė Sirvytė-Rukstelė during an artists’ residences in Sri Lanka. It was successfully premiered at the Moving Out Festival in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. In 2016, Arrived continued its journey to more than 15 countries around the world.


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