Classes and workshops

For adults

From September 2020 the Riga Circus School offers an unprecedented opportunity for adults to attend regular sessions, which will be conducted by Jason Dupree (UK), Riga circus teacher, as well as juggler Dmitrijs Pudovs (Riga). You can read updated information about the sessions on our Facebook page.

Scheduled sessions:



On Tuesdays 20.00–21.30 at Zeļļu street 25 with Valerijs Komisarenko, Riga Circus School teacher.

Flexibility is important both for day-to-day well-being and for your performance in training. Stretching is an indispensable part of any training programme in order to achieve better results in every sports discipline (especially in air acrobatics and handstand).
Regular stretching exercises will help you reduce the risk of injury, reduce muscle pain, improve posture, enhance coordination and amplitude of your movements.
If you are motivated enough – we will help you reach the goal of bending down to your toes, or doing the splits like in your childhood dreams.
Language of instruction: English (interpretation will be provided if necessary)


On Thursdays 20.00–21.30 at Zeļļu street 25 with Jason Dupree, Riga Circus School teacher

Do you feel like turning your life upside down in the air? Try handstand!
During these sessions you will learn the basics of handstand and acquire the basic principles of techniques needed to make progress. The lessons are planned as an intensive whole-body training.
Language of instruction: English (interpretation will be provided if necessary)


On Saturdays 13.30-15.00 at Zeļļu street 25 with Jason Dupree, Riga Circus School teacher.

Sessions of air acrobatics will enable you to experience completely new emotions. The graceful movements that circus artists perform in the air require great strength, flexibility, and motional elegance. The lesson focuses both on strengthening the muscles (especially in the upper body and hands) and on learning tricks. Air acrobatics is an excellent way to improve your physical fitness, enjoy the pleasure of adventure and boost your self-confidence.
Previous experience and knowledge are not required, but your patience, ability to bear pain and bruises will be essential.
Language of instruction: English (interpretation will be provided if necessary)


On Sundays 17.00–18.30 at Zeļļu street 25 with Dmitrijs Pudovs, Riga Circus School teacher.

If you want to learn something new, and to improve your coordination of movements and mental agility at once, juggling sessions are exactly what you need. You will learn different juggling techniques, get theoretical knowledge on how to perform tricks, improve your body coordination and sense of rhythm, and you will learn to juggle not only individually, but also in pairs.
This is an open-level lesson – the instructor gives individual tasks to each student, allowing everyone to progress in their own pace.
Language of instruction: Latvian




– 1 session per week: EUR 35 per calendar month (regardless of attendance).

– 2 sessions per week: EUR 45 per calendar month.

– 3 sessions per week: EUR 55 per calendar month.

Fee for 1 session (separate payment per each session) – EUR 10
Riga Circus School instructors