Re Riga! festival: MDR by LOS GALINDOS


Dark humor for adults. Unusual, unexpected and untamed.

When: August 16, 17, 8PM

Where: meeting point – grey gate (Rīgas cirks backyard), Alfrēda Kalniņa street

Suggested age: 12+

Duration: 1h 10min

About the show “MDR” a.k.a. “Death from laughter”

Three friends – Melon, Mardi and Rossinyol – have found themselves in an unexpected conflict. A crime, followed by a strange court and an absurd sentence. A story about friendship covered in black humor. A world where you might want to die of laughter.

Photo gallery from the Re Rīga! festival – HERE

About the company

Los Galindos was created in 1991. The project emerged from a synergy between continuous research and passion for collective creation. Inspired by the poetry and the fantastically world of circus, they have developed an artistic project with their own unique touch. Los Galindos are familiar with juggling and clowning shows. They  have received awards in France and internationally.

The team

Concept and direction:

Bet Garrell, Marcel Escolano

Creation and interpretation:

Anicet Leone, Gabriel Agosti and Marcel Escolano

Artistic accompaniment:

Bet Garrell

Creation team until the premiere: 

Anicet Leone, Marcel Escolano, Santi Ruiz Albalate and Bet Garrell


Stephane Filloc

Help in writing and staging: 

Joël Fesel

Conceptual complicity:

Johnny Torres


Nartxi Azcazrgorta


Marc Soler


Klara Pedrol and Mireia Guilella

Executive producer and distributor: 

Caterina Fiol


When you attend this event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to such recording media and its release, publication, exhibition or reproduction.