Re Riga! festival: “Pachamamo” by Cronopio the clown (family show)


Lighthearted show about a clumsy traveler.

When: 16th of August, 6PM, extra show in bigger format “Pachamamo Delux”: 20th of August 11.00

Where: Riga circus, 4, Merkela street (entrance through the red gate)

Suggested age: 0+ ( tickets needed from the age of 3)

Duration of the show: 45 min

About the show “Pachamamo”

PACHAMAMO is an ancient goddess for the Latin American indigenous people. She is the “Mother Earth”, the fertility goddess. What is the relationship we have with mother earth? When we travel – does the relationship change? If it does – how?

Carrying sounds, tricks and other knick-knacks in his suitcase, our clumsy traveler tries to explore a new place. Or is it new? Maybe it feels familiar afterall.

Through humorous and unexpected ways Cronopio explores what it means to be a traveler.

Photo gallery from the Re Rīga! festival – HERE

Photos (most of the photographies): Edgars Semanis

Abbout the artists

Cronopio (Mariano Gedwillo) is an artist from Argentina with family roots in Latvia.

Yoli Campos (Argentina) is a composer, author, and performer of Latin American popular music, street artist, producer, and radio host. Her repertory proposes songs from the perspective of the periphery and boldly brings them to the center, including the sounds of the roads traveled from her coastal hometown in the Patagonia, Comodoro Rivadavia, to the cosmopolitan Capital city of Buenos Aires, where she has made herself at home since 2014.



When you attend this event, you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur. By entering the event premises, you consent to such recording media and its release, publication, exhibition or reproduction.