5-th WORLD CIRCUS DAY. 19 april at 13:00 in RIGA CIRCUS


A special event dedicated to the World Circus Day, which is celebrated in the whole world.

Riga Circus will host breathtaking activities where everyone is welcomed to participate.
You will be able to learn various tricks and have fun to the accompaniment of circus music. After that you are welcomed to enjoy a colourful circus show with unseen performances.

12.00 - For an hour before Riga Circus holds its special show, all the brave and active, who want to try their skills in circus art, are invited to explore the elements of the circus arts with help of students from Riga Circus studio 'The Circus Star Factory', Gaisma Special Boarding School circus studio, Salaspils circus studio 'Harlequin' and professional artists.
13.00 - Riga Circus will perform a special show for World Circus Day.
After the show, students of all the circus studios will build different pyramids to celebrate World Circus Day!

Riga Circus offers a unique opportunity on April 19 from 12 to 13 hours, observe what is happening in the online broadcast

live video

Starting 28 March, Riga Circus invites to the performances again on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. This time it is a staging by circus artists from Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Latvia “The Fourth Dimension” – collaboration of the artists of different genres and phantasies from different faraway countries under a single roof, in a single circus arena.  Living in urban environment and agricultural territories, the relationship between people and animals fade. But it is so exciting to become familiar with different animals, especially for children. 

The circus can ensure such opportunity and tell about the relationship between a man and an animal, and the trust among them. (more>>>)

The journey in time with Riga Circus




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