“Surface” by Familiar Faces


“Surface” by Familiar Faces (Belgium) at Rīgas cirks – a physical piece guided by the laws of water. A circus show on a wet floor.

Photos and video from the show at Rīgas cirks: HERE.

When: March 30 and 31, April 1, 7PM

Where: Rīgas cirks (Merķeļa street 4, Riga)

Age suggestion: 10+

Duration: 55 min

About the show

Influenced by partner acrobatics, “Surface”by Familiar Faces  is a full-length performance created and presented by an international group. “It is a research on how we relate, as humans, to nature. The human being as something that shapes its environment. Nature as a house that offers shelter and opportunity to everything inside it. Now, in 2020, we ask ourselves what is happening to this relationship.”

Water seeps across the stage. On its flowing surface four artists explore the balance between control and recklessness. A stunning performance filled with liquid acrobatics and stylish imaging. It is the water itself that sets them in motion, where to find balance? Familiar Faces search for the limits of the possible.

Publicity photos: Jostijn Ligtvoet and Felix Zech

About the company

The artists met in ACaPA, a circus school in Tilburg, the Netherlands. What started off as a work-relationship, transformed into friendship and the wish to continue together after school. They started developing their own language by mixing existing vocabulary with our own. “Since then, we have been presenting our work in various contexts, looking for how this group can adapt. There is a constant balance going on between individual visions and making those coherent. In the conversations that follow out of this, we both challenge and complete each other, causing us to grow,” – the company members tell about themselves.


Familiar Faces are:

Felix Zech (Germany)

Petra Steindl (Austria)

Hendrik Van Maele (Belgium)

Josse De Broeck (Belgium)


technical director: Guillaume Martinet

dramaturgy: Sebastien Hendrickx

=research help: Sergi Pares

light design and technician: Flor Huybens

costume: Laurence Felber

music advice: Julian Vogel

Full prices: from 18 EUR