Svalbard Cabaret Night in the Arena of Riga Circus


The internationally acclaimed circus company Svalbard (Sweden) is back with a new musical performance for the arena of Riga Circus! Come and enjoy a completely new concept-cabaret show by Svalbard sound-dressed by Salteli the Band (Great Britain).

This is going to be an immersive experience, so the guests are invited to arrive early to get ready for the adventure by enjoying the goods from pop-up bar in the atmosphere created by the artists. They will use multitude of circus disciplines and jazz/neo soul music as tools to talk about an emotional world fostering empathy and take a witty look at themselves.
Ben Smith, one of the artists, shares his vision about arts:

“ I kind of like this less pretentious approach to creating art rather than being like…I’m this fucking genius, it was a fucking great idea, this amazing spiritual thing…rather that than to say NO, I am going to let my body, my history speak organically for itself. Arts has to be something, that has the power to change something, the power to make people rethink, the power to make people question and criticize. ”

Being custom-made especially for the building and arena of the Riga Circus, the concept-cabaret project will be shown as part of the Riga Circus residency program and it will involve local artists. The performance will be shown in Riga only once. As this will be a site-specific performance, in future each show of this concept will differ from the previous one as it will be adjusted to a specific venue.

Recommended age: above 18 (for younger visitors, admission to the event is allowed if their parents consider this experience to be crucial for the development of the child).
Seats in the venue are not numbered, so please arrive in time to choose the desired seats.
Entrance to the event starts from 8:30 pm, the cabaret show starts at 9 pm.
Running time of the show: approx. 2 hours (2 acts)
Ticket prices: 14,45 – 17 EUR until May 5th/ 17 – 20 EUR afterwards

May 15th, 21.00
Arena of Riga Circus (entrance from A.Kalniņa street)
About Svalbard:

Svalbard is a circus company that believes in multidisciplinary art and is composed of 4 young international performers (Ben Smith (UK), Alexis Akrovatakis (GR), Tom Brand (DE), Santiago Ruiz Albalate (ES), currently based in Stockholm. They trained at various preparatory circus schools before graduating from The University of Dance and Circus DOCH in 2014. The team has a multitude of high-level skills in various circus disciplines such as vertical rope, Chinese pole, handstands, hand to hand, banquine, clowning, acrobatics and movement/dance. Previous work includes their award-winning debut “All Genius All Idiot” which has toured globally in over 30 countries, 4 continents, almost 200 times, from 2016 to the present date. Read more…