Svalbard Company in Riga Circus residency program


Circus company Svalbard from Sweden will take part in Riga Circus residency program and will work on their project about site-specific concept cabaret performance in Riga Circus this May.

During the residency Svalbard Company is going to work on a site-specific cabaret project, developing the idea of creating a ground and methods on co-acceptance as co-existence between different human universes. Artists are interested and curious to see further within the line that draws between audience and artist, meaning inclusive tendencies more than a separation between the taboo of spectator and the executor, as well as exploring physical possibilities of interaction, and how our physicality reflects on the emotions that run through us.

To develop the show the artists are going to use zero waste approach – they will use materials what the surrounding environment offers, investing in the project with presence, dialogue, exchange, creative tools, as also trusting the synchronicity of here and now.

The concept of residency project

By using tools within the manners picked from the field of circus, performance, architecture and painting, Svalbard is going to apply experimental method towards developing a ground for a site-specific cabaret concept. The part of the Svalbard research is related to the relationship between the spatial/experiential components and an artist – how the space influences the thickness of artists’ bodies, how this reflects on their action, movement qualities, confidence.

About Svalbard Company

Svalbard Company is a circus company that believes in multidisciplinary art and is composed of 4 young international performers (Ben Smith (UK), Alexis Akrovatakis (GR), Tom Brand (DE), Santiago Ruiz Albalate (ES), currently based in Stockholm. They trained at various preparatory circus schools before graduating from The University of Dance and Circus DOCH in 2014. The team has a multitude of high-level skills in various circus disciplines such as vertical rope, Chinese pole, handstands, hand to hand, banquine, clowning, acrobatics and movement/dance.

Previous work includes; their award-winning debut “All Genius All Idiot” which has toured globally in over 30 countries, 4 continents, almost 200 times, from 2016 to the present date. They collaborated with Animal Religion in the site-specific performance “Chicken Legz” that was performed in FiraTàrrega (Spain) and in festivals in Japan. With “Chicken Legz” they won both the Moritz Prize at FiraTàrrega for the best street show, and the circus arts magazine Zirkolika Prize the Best Staging of 2014. In February 2015 they did the show “Sifonofor” with Animal Religion that was presented in L`Auditori in Barcelona and won Zirkolika Prize the Best Circus Show 2015.


Supported by: The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme