Riga circus and Circus Syd – BNCN co-hosts


Riga Circus and Cirkus Syd to co-host Baltic-Nordic Circus Network

From 2020-2022 Cirkus Syd and Riga Circus, two members of Baltic Nordic Circus Network, create a new type of partnership and together co-host the BNCN Network.

Baltic Nordic Circus Network (BNCN) is a collaborative network of 17 circus arts organizations in the Baltic and Nordic countries.

The network works to strengthen the regional collaboration and development of the circus sector. BNCN organizes activities that aim to support the circus field in the Baltic-Nordic countries at large. From workshops to seminars to international residencies – for both artists and industry professionals focus on skills development, best practice, increased knowledge and cooperation as well as cultural and national identity.

BNCN’s ultimate aim is to increase the visibility of contemporary circus practice in the Baltic and Nordic region as well as increasing cooperation between circus institutions in the Baltic and Nordic countries.

In the next couple of months BNCN plans both closed and public events. Closed events for member organizations. Public events and workshops open to anyone whose profession is related to the provision of stage.

Cirkus Syd (CS) was started in 2018 by Lina B. Frank, Rebecca Tiger and Burak Sayn to link

Skåne in the south of Scandinavia internationally. Through initiating and supporting projects,

ideas and activities CS works with and for circus, art and culture. CS focuses on collaboration, structural development, innovation, entrepreneurship, DIY, DIT and artistic research.

Nearest network activities in 2020:

11th-12th of March – BNCN meeting in Riga

Rigorous practice (circus rigging and safety) workshop in Stockholm

5th-7th of May – Rigorous practice (circus rigging and safety) workshop in Riga

27th – 28th May – New Horizons Project launch meeting in RIga

9, 2020 – June 12 ARTiculate Circus Education Workshops in Vilnius

Coming soon:

August – BNCN meeting in Prague

September – ARTiculate Circus Education Workshops in Norrkoping

September – New Horizons Project participant meeting in Riga

Riga circus has a long history but it has always been an important part of Latvian culture life. The profound building of Circus in Riga is going to be renovated soon; but it does not mean that Riga Circus has stopped working. On November 21, 2017 Baltic Nordic Circus welcomed The Riga Circus as a new member. As one of the two organizations leading the BNCN from 2020 to 2022, the Riga Circus play an important role in organizing and coordinating various international events. A large part of these events will take place in Riga, and thus for theaters, festivals, concert organizers, sound directors, light operators and other professionals will have the opportunity to visit world-class masters training.

Together with Cirkus Syd we will build a bridge to increase cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic regions by developing a new type of partnership.

More information:

Riga Circus: cirks@cirks.lv,

Lina B. Frank, BNCN Network coordinator: info@balticnordiccircus.com

BNCN facebook: www.facebook.com/balticnordiccircus

Webpage: www.balticnordiccircus.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/BalticNordicCN

Instagram: www.instagram.com/balticnordiccircusnetwo