“Baltic Circus on the Road” participants


The jury of the Baltic Circus on the Road programme has selected to support the following Baltic circus artists:   Big wolf company and Circus Sabok (Estonia), Kanta company (Lithuania) and Taigi cirkas (Lithuania). During 2021 The Baltic Circus on the Road project will allow these Baltic circus artists or groups of artists to participate…

Riga circus and Circus Syd – BNCN co-hosts


Riga Circus and Cirkus Syd to co-host Baltic-Nordic Circus Network From 2020-2022 Cirkus Syd and Riga Circus, two members of Baltic Nordic Circus Network, create a new type of partnership and together co-host the BNCN Network. Baltic Nordic Circus Network (BNCN) is a collaborative network of 17 circus arts organizations in the Baltic and Nordic…