“Babel, Glöm” by “Kaaos Kaamos”


Circus show “Babel, Glöm”

They try together to be better, to “reach the sky”. It’s about links, community or family. And yes, they are definitely not the same people. They don’t even speak the same language. Babel’s curse? Forget it! They’ll do better no matter what happens. By chance, they have Fika*.

Kaaos Kaamos intends to explore the tension between “be yourself” and “be together”. For that, they use six strong characters in a quest for a common language: the body; a common ritual: the food; a common symbol: the magnesium.

September 2, 3 and 4, 7 PM

at Riga circus (Merķeļa street 4)


The company Kaaos Kaamos is based in Sweden, specialised in hand to hand and banquine. A crew of six circus artists from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Chile and New-Caledonia working with a French director. They are currently touring their first show “Babel, Glöm”. Their work is all about meetings: Every artist in the company has their own background: different circus school, different cultures, different languages, different lifestyles. This is an incredible richness. We decided to make it simple, to gather on values like honesty, sharing and tolerance. We try to take decisions through dialogue and respect, without any masks, and if possible around a good and “gesund” meal. Or a Fika*. *Fika: the strong Swedish tradition of having coffee and something sweet, usually shared with a colleague or friend in the afternoon

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Length of show: approx. 60 min (no intermission)
Age restriction: 5+
PRICES: 10,20–20,00 EUR