Mārīte Milne


“It wasn’t even a job, it was a lifestyle. I didn’t go to work, I came home.” This is what Mārīte Milne tells about the Riga Circus where she worked several seasons as a ticket collector. Circus has fascinated her as an extraordinary and wonderful world since her childhood. It’s something that makes you go “Wow”!

Mārīte started working in the circus in 2012 while she still was in secondary school. Each day spent in the circus was different. Although she had to stay in the audience hall all the time, her favourite shows made this daily routine exciting and lively.

“There was a feeling that we all were more or less equal”, Mārīte says. I have never felt that there was a big difference between artists and service staff. Circus is a friendly world where everyone is part of one big family.

After leaving her employment in the circus, Mārīte has been to every new show in the Riga Circus because she cannot live without the circus. 

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