Set Sound to Riga Circus


Set Sound to Riga Circus / Uzskaņo Rīgas cirku is an interdisciplinary ritual – performance, where voice of Gudrun and visual arts interventions by Eva will wind through premises of Riga Circus and will involve also the surrounding urban environments. Connecting with the artists and other guests, everyone will have the possibility to experience this building on a new heartnote.

Inviting everyone to become a part of the story of Riga Circus, Gudrun and Eva will use sound and visual arts in their performance to evoke true emotions created by interpersonal connections. Part of the performance will also be public, 12 minutes long singing performances of Gudrun and they will take place from the dome of Riga Circus, filling the surrounding rooftops and streets with delightful sounds. All inhabitants and guests of Riga will be able to listen to these performances for free (scheduled times coincide with the beginning times of performances). Meanwhile, on June 15th families will be invited to set their sound to Riga Circus in special arts workshops (combined ticket for up to 4 people, at least one of them being grown up).

Length: līdz 90 min.
Age restrictions: 14+
On June 15th only shows for families (7+)

Roaming around premises is a part of the performance
Performance is immersive and involves all guests
No spoken language is used

June 12th , 13th , 14th at 18.00 and 21.00
June 15th at 14.00 (with families)
Venue: Riga Circus

About artists:

Danish sound artist, vocalist and performance artist Gudrun Holck created and works within the concept “Set Sound to..” since 2011. In June 2018 a Latvian visual artist Eva Vēvere joined her in the project “Set Sound To Culture Tower and you” in Copenhagen, where they both created unique set of 1:1 performances and several outdoors performances in the chosen location of Kulturtarnet Pa Knippelsbro. In this work, combining together several media, they created a 3D installation in a building of tower, where guests had the chance to experience individual performances. Kulturtarnet Pa Knippelsbro  is a new culture institution in Denmark and can be distinguished by their experimental and fresh approach offering experiences in this relatively small tower , previously used for the bridge lifting purposes.

After the succesful project in Copenhagen the artists have decided to continue their collaboration to create a project in Riga, this time showcasing the iconic Riga Circus building as a location and expanding their audiences.

About Riga Circus residency program:

Riga Circus Residency program is created as a laboratory for new forms of artistic research and art practices within the interdisciplinary field of art. We are located in Riga, Latvia, and open to contemporary circus artists, dancers, visual artists, and architects. Read more HERE.