RE RIGA! FESTIVAL: “Mentir lo mínimo” BY ALTA GAMA (6+)


A woman, a man, and a bicycle on a shrinking surface.

When: Wednesday, August 14, 7PM / Thursday, August 15, 7PM

Where: Rīgas cirks arena, Merķeļa street 4, Riga

Age: 6+

Duration of the show: 50 min

About the show

“Mentir lo Mínimo” is a minimalistic performance that strives to eliminate everything that is not essential. Starring in the show are three bodies: a woman, a man, and a bicycle. This acrobatic bike duo humorously explores the relationship we have with our bodies.

“Mentir lo mínimo” is a show that, through its apparent simplicity, brings us closer to the complexity of self-acceptance. It is simple, poetic, and infused with touches of humor. The theme is presence; the subject is everyone’s bodies.

Artists question what is socially considered an “aesthetic defect.” They ponder the meaning of beauty standards. They talk about their own bodies, showing them without deception, filters, or artifice. Sometimes they turn a disability into something beautiful. Sometimes they transform fragile beauty into something tense.

“Mentir lo mínimo” is a show that seeks to strip away everything unnecessary. Alta Gama explores the journey of three entities on stage: a woman, a man, and a bicycle, shedding layers to reach the essence, the minimum. What is the minimum? The minimum is the body itself and the relationship you have with it. Do you like it? Is it comfortable for you? Would you change it?

Through their own bodies, the artists confront the audience with their bodies, their weight, their integrity, their capacity, and their condition. This confrontation arises from the fragility of balance and the awareness that, at any moment, this balance can be broken.

About the company Alta Gama

The company Alta Gama believes that simplicity is the essence and the opportunity to deeply feel what is often unseen. Simple actions serve as a magnifying glass for sensations.

The company Alta Gama was born from the meeting of two determined and dedicated artists: actress and singer Amanda Delgado (Spain) and bicycle acrobat Alejo Gamboa (Argentina). They found a common language and share the belief that art can change the world. Their performances combine music, theater, and circus.


Tickets are not assigned to specific seats.

The tickets may be returned or changed only in cases when the show has been canceled or the dates have been changed.

By attending this show, you agree:
– to be photographed and/or filmed,
– to give permission to use your likeness in promotional and/or marketing materials.

The performance at the RE RIGA! festival is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.


-in a wheelchair,

-for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.