Re Riga!: “Encore une fois” by Tripotes la Compagnie


Let’s go further with introducing to the RE RIGA festival 2022 artists and their shows! August 17 –21 it is – the extended weekend of  the Re Riga! festival!  The full program of the festival you can find HERE. And now meet and greet “Encore une fois” by Tripotes la Compagnie!

About the “Encore une fois” show

Carried by 6 shoulders, thought by 3 heads and signed by 1 collective, Tripotes la Compagnie offers a playful and efficient circus show “Encore une fois”. Again is the idea that error is permitted. So let’s mess it up and start over. From a ping-pong ball to a teeterboard, the elements mix through our musical creation. Three people enter the scene. Accumulation, repetition: playful danger or perilous fragility?

Photo: Nicolas Righetti, Nicolas Righetti, Pío Morales, Agustín Alvarez, Pablo Wunch Blanco a.o.

About the Tripotes la Compagnie

A young Spanish/Swiss collective based in Brussels, Tripotes la Compagnie is made up of Julio Calero Ferre, Daniel Torralbo Pérez and Gianna Sutterlet. Each with a different background, they met at ESAC (Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque) and specialized in teeterboard and partner acrobatics.

Tickets: for free

Show duration: 45 min

Suggested audience: no age limitation



August 18, 6 PM

August 19, 7 PM

August 20, 7 PM

Where: Sporta 2 quarter, outdoors (entrance from the Hanzas street)