Quotes and Ideas


Quotes and Ideas from the Conference on Circus Pedagogy, April 12, 2018.

If it is not impossible, we are not interested.

Education as meeting point of different circus styles.

Circus as a mean of expression how to get into world and communicate.

Circus is versatile as an art form and an educational tool.

We are equally contributing to creating art (everybody involved in the process is important).

Potential to learn, not skills, is most important.

Chaos has a great potential of discovering oneself.

Teaching nowadays, when students are smarter about many things, is lot about supervising.

Keywords in education: to enlighten, to empower, to listen, to question, to create reflection, repetition,
experimentation, playfulness, chaos.

Nowadays it’s more about exchanging (knowledge) not teaching.

Curriculum as space which allows to do stupid things at the beginning which later can turn to most beautiful things.


Photo: Inese Kalniņa