Masterclasses for professionals


Workshop for professionals:  “The basis of the vocabulary of hand to hand technique”

Location: Zeļļu street 25 

Time: September 7 and 8 at 9am to 12pm and at 1.30pm  to 4.30pm  


On September 7 and 8, Rigas cirks is proposing a workshop: “The basis of the vocabulary of hand to hand technique” by Wilmer MARQUEZ and Cristian FORERO from Cie BÊSTÎA.

During their extensive experience in the circus Wilmer Marquez and Cristian Forero have developed their own style and understanding of acrobatic work. Artists believe acrobatics is a base that can be used in any performance in the circus, but also in dance and in other genres. 

During this workshop, however, Wilmer and Christian will share what is the common language of pair and group acrobatics. Of Course it is impossible to become an acrobat in two days, but understanding the basis and common language can be valuable for any performer. There are certain patterns and techniques that are used across different companies, countries and continents, and that helps acrobats to communicate without language. These are the basis for collective work that pair and group acrobatics imply.

This workshop is open to circus artists, dancers and actors and other performers with a regular physical practice. Prior hand to hand experience is not required. 

Wilmer says about this workshop: “Each body is unique and the core of the work will also be about finding a way that works for each individual. Ofcourse we want to transmit a common language, but as well the understanding, then when you you have the bases you adapt them to your body.”


N.B. Due to epidemiological restrictions and the nature of pair acrobatics, workshop is only available with a valid Covid-19 certificate ONLY for person’s that have recovered from Covid-19 within the past 6 months or vaccinated persons. 

Number of participants is limited. The registration will be closed the 30th of August or as soon as the group will be full. If you would like to register please send a short description of your previous experience and motivation (max 200 words) and your contact information to

All participants are encouraged to attend the performance of SOMOS by Cie Bestia on 9th of September with reduced price. 


About the workshop leaders: 

Cristian Forero was born in 1989, Bogota, Colombia.

His artistic career began within the La Ventana company, whose productions, generally in large formats, have been shown in the best theaters in Colombia. A few years later, he got the chance to join the first contemporary circus troupe in Colombia: the Gata Cirko.

In 2012, his career continued by joining the 14th promotion of the  ESAC (university level circus school) in Brussels, Belgium. Later Cristian joined Cie Bestia in the SOMOS show and he continues his journey with La Cie el Nucleo in the show Eternal Idiots. 


Wilmer Marquez, Colombian by origin, formed a duo of acrobatic lifts for 20 years and co-founded the company El Nucleo at the end of his training at the National Center for Circus Arts in 2011. In 2013 he created a duo of the shows Without Stop and Quien Soy? In 2017 Wilmer staged the show SOMOS, then in 2019 the NAWAK, both currently on tour. He has participated in many pieces by David Bobée: Romeo et Juliette, Warm and Dios Provéera for which he is assistant director.

In addition to his work at Cie El Nucleo, Wilmer joined the XY collective on the Voyages project. In 2020, he was invited by the Orchester Régional de Normandie to stage the new creation entitled Caravanserail (creation of the SPRING 2020 festival) and became an associate artist at the Scène Nationale de Châteauroux, Equinoxe. In 2021, he found his own company BÊSTÎA, which will host the distribution of the Barrières, Somos and Nawak shows.


Support: State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia