Magic show “In the illusionist’s living room”


Magic show “In the illusionist’s living room” included in the Latvian School Bag programme


Is it possible to get really close to a miracle and feel the moment when magic is born? The Riga Circus invites you to take a look into the living room of the creator of magic – the illusionist – full of magical objects and breath of creativity.

Duration of the show: 35min

This performance is suitable for primary school ages (grades 1-4) and intended both for showing at schools or in the premises of the Riga Circus (upon previous agreement on the date). Cost of one show (outing): 635 EUR (excluding transport costs). Recommended size of audience – up to 100 spectators. 

Director: Edgars Niklasons

Artist: illusionist Gabriel Got


Gabriel Got: 

Gabriel Got already has more than 20 years of experience as a circus artist and illusionist in Latvia. Over time, he has artfully expressed himself in genres such as juggling, throwing knives and the art of illusion. As a child Gabriels dreamt of his own circus and this dream partly came true in 2015 when he became the owner of a traveling circus. Gabriel is actively involved in the Riga Circus School, where he teaches magic. Under his guidance children and young adults are inspired to explore the world of illusion.


Contact: Marita Sanžarevska,, phone: 26766132. 

This performance has been produced with the support of the target programme of the State Culture Capital Foundation “Content creation for the Latvian School Bag” as part of the centenary celebration of Latvia.