“La Bande à Tyrex” at Rīgas cirks


Experience the grand opening of the Rīgas cirks arena along with the “La Bande à Tyrex” (France)!


When: March 21, 22 and 23, 2024, at 7PM, March 23, 1PM

Where: Rīgas cirks (Merķeļa street 4)

Suggested age: 6+

Duration of the show: 1h 20min

Duration of the concert after the show (only March 21): 1h

Photos: Alexis Sarremejane, D. Mugica, El Photography, Engelmann, Pierre Barbier, Zelie Noreda

About “La Bande à Tyrex” the show

La Bande à Tyrex is a twirling, joyful and exciting, musical cycling ballet. An effervescent swarming of wheels that roll, pile up and sometimes come to a stop, just to speed up again.

“Expect spectacular and unusual feats. On a bike or a unicycle, solo or in pairs, these daredevils with boundless energy roll, turn, jump and defy balance. They’ll make you lose your footing (pedals)!” (“Telerama”).

About  “La Bande à Tyrex” the company

For “La Bande à Tyrex ” the group brings together 9 people, 9 cycling artists, 9 musicians. Just as the name suggests the show is a magnificent bikeride on wild pedal steeds, driven by a compelling live soundtrack. A joyful, delirious and musical rolling mob that brings stunning acrobatics and a thrilling atmosphere.

La Bande à Tyrex was brought together in 2014 by their love for acrobatic cycling. Their intense training sessions inspired them to explore the technique collectively, driving their desire to expand their skillset. However, since the creation of “La Bande à Tyrex”, the group has been on a non-stop tour, leaving little time for further experimentation and we are delighted to welcome them with our first acrobatic bicycle show!


Created and performed by: Benjamin Renard, Charlotte Kolly/Alice Allart, Benny Martin, Cyril Choye, Camille Chatelain, Valentin Duchamp, Robin Zobel, Pierre-Alban Monfreux, Jonathan Gagneux
Composition et arrangements: La Bande à Tyrex
Sound: Nicolas Barbaud
Light design: Lydie Del Rabal
Outside Eye: Julien Monin
Costumes: Anaïs Clarté ​​
​Administration: Amélie Kunde ​
Coproductions and Residencies:  La Cascade – PNC Bourg St Andéol, La Cité du Cirque – Pôle régional cirque Le Mans Accueil en résidence et soutien : La Halle Vérrière – Meisenthal, La Vache qui Rue – Moirans en Montagne, L’association Hom’art – Reyrieux, Les abbatoirs – Riom, L’Espace Périphérique – Ville de Paris – La Villette, La Gare à Coulisses – Eurre, Les Rotondes – Luxembourg ​​

Your entry and presence on the event premises constitutes your consent to be photographed, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded and to the release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction of any and all recorded media of your appearance.