Dramaturgy workshop by GRASSROOT Baltic circus artists network: PRESENCE, EMOTIONS AND CREATION. This is a workshop for circus artists, dancers and physical movers on stage. The intention of this laboratory is to help different artists to search and discover what is it they want to communicate on stage – to motivate them to share a part of their inner world, their intimacy, their thoughts, their sensibility. Explore an energy of creation with the group, and work for a week with the objective to create a “Fast made show” with some proposals as base that the participants will come with.


DATES: 22.-27.NOVEMBER, 2021






1. Work the basic tools to engage the scene as a performer (consciousness, listening, presence, etc.).

2. Push limits. Face risk, confront fears, breaking barriers. Surprise oneself as we create new ways for creating while, at the same time, evolving as artists.

3. Learn to use circus technique as a language. Focus on technique not only as a way to impress, please or entertain the audience. (Dramaturgy of the technique).

4. Change creative processes. The laboratory will offer a variety of exercises that will help the participants different ways of creating acts or shows, and to approach the scene.


It seems like a very abstract concept. We will dive into concepts like the energy we bring to stage and how to deliver it to our partners on stage and to the audience. This way we can amplify this energies and be aware of how we use it while performing.

# Working with emotions:

To amplify and gain awareness of our emotional palette.  Escape the idea of fake emotion by default (mask). In order to use genuine emotions. The artist will create a score of emotions that can guide the way where we want to transit through, listening to our emotional state and to the specificity of each moment.

Be honest and real in a fictional landscape. Working from a true place, not hiding our feelings, but choosing which of these feelings we want to share with the audience and how much of this vulnerability we share on stage.

#Circus technique as a vector of emotions:

A first approach to the technique as an expressive language. Using it to direct and express internal and external emotions. The goal is to find a place where technique meets our necessities to deliver our emotions on stage.


#Creative process

We will travel through different ways of approaching the creative process searching for the best way to build a personal and groupal universe. Reflecting on form, the way we communicate, the language we use and the message we want to deliver.


WOPRKSHOP MENTOR: Pau Portabella (1980)

Graduated with a specialization in clown, mime and improvisation theatre at the  “El Timbal” theatre school in Barcelona (1998-2000).  Continued his training at the “Rogelio Rivel” circus school (2001-2004) and at the “Le Lido” circus school in Toulouse (2006-2009) where he specialized in dramatic acrobatic balances.

He works with several circus and theatre companies in Europe and is also co-founder, creator and performer of the company “Fet a mà” together with Marta Torrents, a company with which they tour internationally with the shows “Swap” and “Cru”.

Today he works as a director with circus, dance and theatre shows; and is also dedicated in formation of artists, focusing mainly on circus dramaturgy. His lines of research point towards new circus dramaturgies that seek to break conventional schemes to rehearse and discover new scenic languages.