Changed time and venue


Changes in time and place of the circus show “Fauna” – it will take place on 28th December 19:00 in Riga Congress Hall.

We are sorry to inform, that the show “Fauna”, that was to take place on 27th and 28th December in the Arena of Riga Circus, has changed the time and venue – it will take place on 28th December at 19:00 o’clock in Riga Congress Hall.

The planned show on 27th December is cancelled and all tickets bought for the both of the planned show days are now valid for the above mentioned event on the 28th December in Riga Congress Hall. For your convenience, tickets do not have to be changed – we have reserved seats in rows 9 – 11 and 13, according to the previously bought ticket, for those, who have already purchased tickets. Please, arrive at the venue timely and show your ticket to the controllers who will then assign a particular seat just for you.

If for any reasons you can not visit the event, then tickets bought through the service of SIA “BIĻEŠU SERVISS”, can be reimbursed via bank transfer by filling a form, that can be obtained from and then should be filled out and sent to or handed in at the ticket office of Riga Congress Hall.

Reimbursement claims are accepted until 15.11.2018.

The Riga Circus team and SIA “BIĻEŠU SERVISS” are truly sorry for the inconveniences.