Aleksejs Smolovs


Health sports specialist, Cyr wheel artist, fire juggler


Aleksejs’ professional activities as a specialist in medical gymnastics have long been linked to the field of rehabilitation, but his desire for freedom of artistic expression through the language of circus has moved to the forefront. While practising martial arts and dance, conducting group and individual lessons in both martial arts and GPP, Aleksejs taught himself in parallel certain circus disciplines, and also worked in the “Fire Spirit” studio led by Dmitrijs Pudovs.

Aleksejs regularly complements and deepens his skills and knowledge by participating in various masterclasses, from movement research to specific circus disciplines, making training trips to European circus schools (DOCH (Sweden), AFUK (Denmark)), attending courses organised by international circus organisations, and continuing to improve himself daily.

Aleksejs participates in various circus and interdisciplinary projects, shows and concert shows (“Faux Pas/Note misplaced”, “Cabaret O”, “Cabaret Absinthe”, “Svalbard Cabaret Night”, “Carmina Burana”), as well as solo performances, both in Latvia and abroad.

At the circus school, Aleksejs conducts general circus classes for basic groups, specialised classes in acrobatics and couples’ acrobatics, as well as stage presence lessons. The classes he provides focus on the comprehensive and harmonious development of the body, the identification, analysis and understanding of movements, the acquisition of basic values of the circus, and the communication and cooperation of participants.