Darjus Ščesnulēvičs

Darius says that there are only few such circuses like the Riga Circus, since in Europe and Lithuania there are only travelling circuses. In his opinion, it is prestigious to work in a stationary circus building, and it also used to be so in Soviet times when performing in the Riga Circus was the most accessible European experience for every Soviet circus artist and company. 

Therefore, Darius has taken the opportunity to visit Riga several times and talks with appreciation and pride about his relationship with the Riga Circus.

Darius was born in Lithuania. Having started his career in the Riga Circus, he currently heads the Lithuanian travelling circus Amber. At first, he worked as an animal handler. Supported by the circus director Gunārs Katkēvičs, Darius created juggling acts on a free-standing ladder. The talented and versatile circus artist has also trained goats and cats, sea lions and bears.

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