Pro training space


From now on, Rīgas cirks launches a daily training space for professionals (for individual trainings only).
Location: Zeļļu street 25, Riga.
Find out more information and apply HERE.

Sports Hall 162,7 m 2 (width 7,4m, length 21,16m, height 5,1m, height under the beam 4,64m)
9 rigging points; 3 for vertical dance, no floor or wall points.
Showers and changing rooms with lockers
Kitchen, for making coffee, tea or eating home-made lunch

REQUIREMENTS to become a member
– You are a professional or student of performing arts,
– Your training requires specific equipment (acrobatic tracks, landing mattresses, air acrobatics equipment, unicycles, etc…),
– You wish to join in making an interdisciplinary community,
– You are able to respect your fellow performers and find compromises if needed,
– You are able to use the equipment responsibly, put it back in its intended place and leave it in good condition.

– If you practice a high-risk discipline (air acrobatics, acrobatics), you need health insurance, which covers risks related to your discipline (you will need to show your insurance policy to Riga Circus staff in

– To use the space, you need to register and become Zeļļu 25 training space member (to do so, you need to fill this application),
– You will need to do a one-time registration payment of 10 EUR,
– After you fill this application, we will look through it and contact you in 5 days’ time.
– If your registration will be approved, you will receive a registration bill, an example of the contract, and access to the calendar, where you will see the available times for your training

HOW TO RESERVE time for your training?
– You can reserve the space, by sending a request to the calendar administrator,
– In the request it is required to show how you will be using the space, the equipment you will be using and the time you will be spending there. In case of questions, we will contact you.
– You have to agree to the space and equipment terms of use (Rīgas cirks has the right to add to these rules at any given time).

– You can come to the sports hall, changing rooms and kitchen in the hours of training only if you have got confirmation on using the space at that time,
– Third persons (trainers, viewers, show director, etc.) can be at the training space, only if previously concerted with RC administration.
– The hall must be reserved at least 2 days in advance. The administrator of the space will look through your request and approve it if the space will be available for the number of people or the discipline that you applied for.
– You can reserve the training space no further than 2 weeks from the request time.
– RC holds the right to limit the number of people allowed in the training space or refuse a request if the number of people is considered to be too high by RC administrators.
– If a training space member is using the space too often, therefore not allowing other members to use it, RC holds the right to change the schedule, so that every member can share the space in a fair way
– You need to alert about a cancelation 24h in advance (except in case of illness).

– There need to be at least 2 persons at the training space at all times.
– RC does not provide equipment (except mattresses, hanging points, and light equipment like juggling balls and juggling clubs).
– Artist has to hang up air acrobatics equipment in the presence of RC employee.
– RC can rent specific equipment if necessary (trapeze, silks) if you request it in advance.
– The training hall is intended for professional artists, who are able to train individually and take responsibility for their own health and equipment used. If you plan to acquire a new, high-risk circus skill, you can not do it alone. (For example, if you are a dancer and wish to learn air acrobatics.) In this case, teachers’ presence is mandatory.
– Shared surfaces (including changing rooms, kitchen, etc.) need to be cleaned/disinfected after use.

More information and application: HERE.