In these classes you will learn the basics of hand-balancing, understanding the fundamentals of the strengths and technique needed to progress. This is a full body workout suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to hand-balance. The classes will be a mix between conditioning and technique and adaptable every fitness level.
TIME: Tuesday, Thursday 6 PM- 7.30 PM
DATES: July 7., 9., 14., 16., 21., 23., 28., 30.
WHERE: Zeļļu street 25
PARTICIPATION FEE: 40 EUR (registration till June 23st), 50 EUR after June 23st (You will receive an invoice upon registration)
REGISTRATION: 3rd of July or as soon as group is full. Application form HERE.



Jason Dupree has been working with Circus since 2013. He trained at Aircraft Circus before being accepted onto the degree National Centre For Circus Arts, where he received the Levehulme scholarship for outstanding achievement. In 2016 Jason went on to work with the Living Room Circus, an experimental Circus company.
As well as Living Room Circus, Jason has collaborated and worked with other renowned companies and artists such as Jorge Crecis, Metta Theatre, and Invisible Circus.
As well as Directing, Jason teaches Circus around The UK including being a teacher on the degree at the National Centre For Circus Arts.