BEGINNER HANDSTAND CLASSES In these classes you will learn the basics of hand-balancing, understanding the fundamentals of the strengths and technique needed to progress. This is a full body workout suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to hand-balance. The classes will be a mix between conditioning and technique and adaptable every fitness level….

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CIRCUS STUDIES AT DOCH Circus courses autumn 2020 Stockholms konstnärliga högskola (DOCH) open for late application Eight autumn courses in Circus are open for late application including: – Artistic development within the circus discipline 1-3 – Handstand, Specialisation 1 – 4 – Collective improvisation in Circus and Music Read more and apply on the respective course page…

Maija Sukute


Choreographer and dancer   Maija Sukute is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She fell in love with the dance world when she was 4 years old and since then dance is her greatest love, passion, hobby and work. During her lifetime Maija has studied a wide range of dance genres – Latvian folk dance,…