“A-Tripik” by CirkVOST


A-Tripik is a show of clowns, acrobats and vocal polyphony for an adult audience.

When: April 20, 21, 22

Where: Rīgas cirks (Merķeļa street 4)

Duration: 1h 25min

Age restrictions: The show is not recommended for children under 14 years, and it is not possible to bring children under 3 years

Photos: C. Stewart, Eyliac, Arno Loth

About the show

A show that reflects on the power of money, friendship, seduction. It is an intimate and powerful journey at the same time. A-Tripik is a show for a “warned” public. A show that makes you laugh, cry, feel fear and feel joy, sometimes all this at the same time.

A ring for three men.

Three brothers, three strangers. Three entries, three tribunes, three masts, three sides, three angles, three protagonists…

A-Tripik is a trio to the core! An atypical trio who are no longer looking to round off the edges ; they’re more into sharpening them.

Three souls who lean on each other in order to glimpse the world from a little higher up, who march together towards a battle lost in advance: an ancient dream of insurrection.

Circus and other stage art disciplines: flemish bar, hand to hand, object manipulation, choreography, clown, polyphonic singing, gestual theatre.

About the company

CirkVOST is made up of members of the old, dismantled Les Arts Sauts, the French company who in the 1990s did so much to push forward the art of flying trapeze, introducing theatrical and dramatic effects and innovations in rigging.

The team

Benoit Belleville –aerial artist, juggler, acrobat

Jan Naets – general technical manager, actor, singer

Jef Naets – comedian, sculpteur

Hedi Thabet – outside eye

Sarah Sankey – lighting designer

Tickets: from 18 EUR