Re Riga!: “Double You” by Be Flat


Let’s go further with introducing to the RE RIGA festival 2022 artists and their shows! August 17 –21 it is – the extended weekend of  the Re Riga! festival!  The full program of the festival you can find HERE. And now meet and greet “Double You” by Be Flat!

Foto: Jan Slangen, Circusögraphy

About the “Double You” by Be Flat

Double You is a social/circus experiment in borders and identity. It is two performances which happen simultaneously, mutually exclusive yet interwoven, to create one universal experience. Five multi-faceted artists share two stages separated by one wall. The result is a performance without borders, offering each spectator their own exclusive experience.

About the “Be Flat” company

Be Flat is a Ghent circus company founded by Ward Mortier and Thomas Decaesstecker. The mix of acrobatic circus with urban sports provides the individuality of Be Flat. Be Flat is the chameleon among circus artists. By responding to the environment, each performance becomes a unique event. As residents of the urban environment, we question public space. The city is a living organism, in constant change. How do we use this common space? Who are we in today’s street scene?

Be Flat stands for equality. We play for everyone. Our goal is to bring spectators from different backgrounds into contact with each other in a creative way during and after the ‘interventions’.

Duration: 60 minutes

Age: 6+



Artists: Thomas Decaesstecker, Mehdi Delanoeije, Ward Mortier, Dario Tabakov, Tars Van Der Vaerent

Dramaturgy: Craig Weston

Light creation: David Carney

Outside ear: Marie-Anne Standaert, Stijn Dickel, Celestin Massot

Outside eye: Zora Snake, Jesse Huygh, Sander Decuyper, Gianna Sutterlet

Costumes and scenography: Ella Courvoisier

Coproduction: PERPLX, Espace Catastrophe






August 17, 8PM

August 18, 8PM



Full ticket: 12 EUR

Discounted ticked: 7 EUR