Adventure performance “X=circus” included in the Latvian School Bag programme

Just like searching for hidden treasures or X (the unknown) in a mathematical equation, this show explores the unknown hidden in the Riga Circus building and the stories living in it.

With the involvement of different professionals working in the circus we are going to unravel historical events and myths. As we walk through the mazes of corridors of the circus building, the magical allure of the circus will unfold both from historical as well as from today’s perspective. We will also experience the spotlights and get closer to the wonder of creation of circus art.

The show is suitable for school classes 1-9, and the venue is the building of the Riga Circus. The adventure offers shared and at the same time personalised experience with elements of interaction, therefore participation is intended for one class at a time or a maximum of 36 participants. You should take comfortable clothing and shoes with you. The cost of one show: 200 EUR.


Authors of the show: 

Movement advisor and circus artist: Aleksejs Smolovs

Playwright: Evarts Melnalksnis

Archivists: Elvīra Avota un Renāte Saulīte

Uniformist: Gabriel Got

Producer: Marita Sanžarevska


Duration: 1h 20min

Language: Latvian 


On the team of authors of the adventure performance: 

Four representatives of professions working in the circus have joined forces to produce this performance. The individual story of each participant and personal bond with the circus makes the exploration of the venue an adventure.

The artist known by stage name Gabriel Got became interested in circus art already as a child – at the age of 9 he began to learn juggling with various household objects and studied other circus disciplines. In the summers he staged impromptu circus shows to the children of his courtyard. Gabriel’s unrelenting interest in circus was a driving force for him to become a professional circus artist, and his association with the Riga Circus began already in 2003, when he worked not only as an artist, but also as a chief uniformist and assistant wildlife trainer. Currently Gabriel continues his work in the genre of illusion and passes on his skills at the Riga Circus School.

Circus artist Aleksejs Smolovs is also associated with the Riga Circus School. Aleksejs’ professional activities as a specialist in medical gymnastics have long been linked to the field of rehabilitation, but his desire for freedom of artistic expression through the language of circus has moved to the forefront. As a contemporary circus artist Aleksejs participates in the circus and dance show “Faux Pas/Note misplaced”, that has been demonstrated not only in Latvia, but also in many other places around Europe and even in Japan. Aleksejs regularly gets involved in various projects produced by local and international artists.

Elvīra Avota and Renāte Saulīte have entered the world of circus comparatively recently, when as students of the Academy of Culture they joined a project entitled “The Stories of the Riga Circus”. The aim was to explore the life stories of former circus artists and other people associated with the circus. Unexpectedly, the Archives of the Riga Circus became their second home – they both study, organise and digitalise the materials found in the archives.



Contact: Marita Sanžarevska, marita@cirks.lv, phone.: 26766132. 


This performance has been produced with the support of the target programme of the State Culture Capital Foundation “Content creation for the Latvian School Bag” as part of the centenary celebration of Latvia.