“He who falls” by Yoann Bourgeois


Dance, theatre, installation, street performance and more all mixed together for a breath-taking show of balance and survival. At times dangerous, at times full of harmonious movement, this show defies the laws of physics.

When: June 17, 7.30PM

Where: Rīgas cirks (Merķeļa street 4, entering the red gate)

Duration of the show: 60 min, duration of the event: 90 min

Age suggestion: 10+

About the show “The one who falls” (“Celui qui tombe”)

Six individuals strive to maintain their balance and try to stand on an elevated, moving and unstable platform. As the suspended platform begins to spin and sway, this minimalist circle of humanity struggles to stay upright. The question is – are they struggling for survival, to stay together, to escape the fall? Permanently out of balance in aerial platform, their movements are dictated by physical constraints and survival instincts.

In this performance a man is not at the centre of the universe. In an ideal circus ring, man coexists on a horizontal plane next to animals, machines, and so on, without dominating them. By repositioning things in this way, humanity seems to be otherwise overwhelming.

About the artist Yoann Bourgeois

Yoann Bourgeois is an internationally recognized artist who has always been committed to decompartmentalizing artistic approaches and spaces. He created his company in 2010 after having performed with renowned choreographers. Director of the CCN2 of Grenoble from 2016 to 2022, he became the first circus artist to direct a national institution dedicated to choreographic art. Today, he continues his artistic development through creations, collaborations and workshops around the world. Committed to a living, radically multidisciplinary and innovative art, he envisions artistic creation around a “situated art”: an art attentive to its environment, its energy and its specificities.

He and his team have created a company where they maintain a permanent work process. Their daily life consists of uninterrupted work of research which gives rise to creations of very different formats. They strive for experimental and empirical processes. The team invents their methods as they go along, they are not pre-existing, they start with sketches from where their ideas become a part of their shows.

One of his best known performances that has become viral also in social media is “Staircase”:


Izrādes veidotāji

Yoann Bourgeois – koncepts, režija un scenogrāfija

Marie Bourgeois, Julien Cramillet, Jean-Yves Phuong, Sarah Silverblatt-Buser, Agnès Canova, Kerem Gelebek – skatuves mākslinieki

Marie Fonte – režisora asistente

Caroline Blanpied, Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias – balss

Adèle Grépinet – gaismu māksliniece

Antoine Garry – audio noformējums

Tania Volke –  Skaņa

Ginette / Sigolène Petey – tērpu mākslinieki

Julien Soulatre – tehniskais direktors

Etienne Debraux –  skatuves menedžeris

Magali Larché – gaismu mākslinieks