Residency program will host new projects


After round of applications for Riga Circus residency program two collectives have been selected to develop their projects in May and June this year.

This round of applications received 28 applications from international artists in Baltic and Nordic countries. Carefully assessing the creative potential and suitability for the technical possibilities of Riga Circus, two projects were selected – a site-specific performance by Svalbard Company (Sweden) and the interdisciplinary theatre project “ASK THE BREAD” by CuntsCollective (Denmark).

Next round of applications is planned to be announced in the beginning of this summer and will invite artists for their residency projects in July, August and September this year.

About Svalbard performance

During the residency Svalbard Company is going to work on a site-specific cabaret project, developing the idea of creating a ground and methods on co-acceptance as co-existence between different human universes. Artists are interested and curious to see further within the line that draws between audience and artist, meaning inclusive tendencies more than a separation between the taboo of spectator and the executer, as well as exploring physical possibilities of interaction, and how our physicality reflects on the emotions that run through us.

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About CuntsCollective theatre project “ASK THE BREAD”

ASK THE BREAD is an interdisciplinary theatre project piloted by CuntsCollective. The project will be the result of an international collaboration between the actresses Vita Malahova and Aude Lorrillard , the photographer Vika Eksta, the composer Alberto Barberis and director Tone Haldrup Lorenzen. Through the exploration of physical expression, photography, theatre, soundscape, and poetic act, the artists will create an interdisciplinary performance ASK THE BREAD.

The name of the project is inspired by poem “Bread” of the Moldavian poet Liviu Damianu: “[…]the bread is not just a sign of joy, the bread has been a painful dream […]”. ASK THE BREAD will investigate into the themes such as; migration from rural areas, woman’s life in the countryside, the loneliness and the physical and psychological consequences of the land work, traditions and rites, the connection between nature and human beings and finally the idealization of nature.

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