RE RIGA!: “107 Ways to Deal with Pressure” by Kanta Company (work-in-progress)


Let’s go further with introducing to the RE RIGA festival 2022 artists and their shows! August 17 –21 it is – the extended weekend of  the Re Riga! festival!  The full program of the festival you can find HERE. And now meet and greet work-in-progress “107 Ways to Deal with Pressure” by Kanta Company.

Full festival program – HERE.

About the “107 Ways to Deal with Pressure” (work-in-progress)

This show is a tool to talk about pressure. Feelings of stress and pressure are part of being human – everyone experiences them. Unreachable expectations, stress, burnouts – in modern day life these factors are treated as normal. What’s more, the situation in the world, the pandemic, climate change, and all kinds of uncertainty in our lives only pile on more pressure on top of personal problems. It seems impossible to live these days without a constant feeling of pressure.

That’s why it is important to talk about these topics publicly so that we can avoid more serious problems in the future and break the stigma of sharing these kinds of things. We want to help the audience realize they are not alone, and equip them with ways to deal with pressure, to use it as a source of strength and inspiration instead of something that makes us weak.

Foto: Donatas Ališauskas, Ieva Martusevičiūtė

About the company

Kanta Company is three circus artists from three different countries – Finland, Lithuania, and USA – who aspire to create entertaining but thought provoking circus. Onstage is where we feel the most alive – circus forces us to be present. By bringing everyday situations and issues onstage we want to give the audience new perspectives on their lives via the transformative experience of circus, creating a world where the everyday is extraordinary, and the real becomes surreal.

“107 Ways to Deal with Pressure” list:
  1. ignore
  2. procrastinate
  3. doing everything else except what you have to
  4. complaining
  5. fake it till you make it
  6. disappearing/disconnecting
  7. making yourself exhausted
  8. becoming obsessed
  9. hiding your insecurities with humour
  10. seeking outside approval
  11. self deprecation
  12. meditation
  13. breathing
  14. talking
  15. alcohol
  16. smoking
  17. moving
  18. running
  19. escaping
  20. hiding
  21. staying still
  22. paralyzed
  23. shouting
  24. splitting things in to small chunks
  25. planning
  26. over planning
  27. not sleeping
  28. being angry at others
  29. crying
  30. laughing
  31. going to see a show
  32. buying stuff
  33. comparing yourself to other people
  34. putting insta stories
  35. gambling
  36. making goals
  37. making goals that are too big/unachievable
  38. failing
  39. failing on purpose
  40. being a victim
  41. bragging
  42. buying a dog
  43. rebelling
  44. changing your career
  45. thinking if you could be an animal
  46. fantasizing
  47. living in imaginary world
  48. having imaginary friends
  49. keeping secrets
  50. lying
  51. telling other people secrets
  52. lying to yourself
  53. doing something radical
  54. cleaning
  55. making a mess
  56. making lists
  57. hitting rock bottom
  58. smashing stuff/smashing rooms
  59. shooting
  60. axe throwing
  61. being violent
  62. fighting
  63. sweating
  64. watching TV
  65. arguing
  66. picking fights about things that dont matter
  67. blaming other people
  68. scapegoating
  69. ordering fast food
  70. screaming
  71. ctrl z
  72. ctrl c ctrl v
  73. swimming
  74. puking
  75. not eating, losing appetite
  76. eating a lot
  77. driving fast
  78. reckless behaviour
  79. listening music
  80. going to the nature
  81. never leaving nature
  82. staying in your house forever/very long time
  83. avoiding home
  84. partying
  85. changing your mindset
  86. changing your surrounding
  87. counting
  88. melting
  89. pressure someone else
  90. doing lots of things but badly
  91. exceeding one thing and not doing anything else
  92. doing things without purpose
  93. having very strict routine/schedule
  94. making rules
  95. downloading apps which suppose to help
  96. watching movie
  97. reading books
  98. reading facebook comments
  99. doom scrolling
  100. dying
  101. faking an illness
  102. becoming sick
  103. giving up
  104. pressing your face
  105. acupuncture
  106. pressure points
  107. “going through the motions”

Tickets: free

Duration of the show: 45 min



August 20, 3,30PM

Where: Sporta 2 quarter